We teach our unique 5-week course online via Zoom. A small group (5-7 couples) meets once a week for 2 hours. Additionally each couple/person has one private session (1hr) with one of our hypnotherapists before the main course starts.  Live and interactive, the course covers the following topics:

Day 1: 
The history of childbirth 
Hypnosis in birth
Self-hypnosis in birth

Day 2:
Hypnotic daily meditations
Hypnotic relaxation 
Stages of labor

Day 3:
How to turn on your oxytocin "button"
Hypnosis for pain relief

Day 4:
Hypnotic visualizations 
Resourceful states

Day 5: 
Postpartum stage
Bonding and breastfeeding

For More Information and to Sign Up email to birth@hypnoclinic.com

How Hypnosis Can Help in Labor?

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What Will You Learn With Us?

How Much and When?

At our course you will learn how to use hypnosis to prepare yourself for the birth so you will feel calm, relaxed, yet focused and in control, and ready to welcome your newborn baby.You will learn several visualization techniques that will help you to connect with your body during labor.  You will learn pain reduction techniques that will help you to navigate all stages of labor with confidence. You will use hypnosis to get in touch with your most resourceful states and experience the birth of your child as the most amazing moment. You will learn how hypnosis could help you to build a stronger bond with your newborn. One private session is included in your group course. 


What Else Do We Offer?

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What Is The Course About?

When To Start The Course?

You can always have a private session if you need to discuss any specific details. We also offer separate classes for partners in labor who want to learn how to be an active participant in the process of hypnotic birth. 

Congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to our course! Please read the information below and email us at birth@hypnoclinic.com with any questions.

We recommend you start during the second trimester. The course lasts 5 weeks (the group meets for 2 hours once a week). You will have enough time to take the course and to practice self-hypnosis before the labor. If you do not have enough time to finish the course, please contact us birth@hypnoclinic.com to schedule private sessions.


Research shows that using hypnosis during birth significantly decreases pain and use of medications. Women who used hypnosis before and during labor feel less fear and anxiety, and are better prepared for the experience in labor and parenthood. Some studies have shown that hypnosis could help to reverse a baby from the breech position.

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